Blender Calc is a versatile gas blending calculator for Android powered smart phones and tablets, you can find it from Google Play™.

Blender Calc offers wide variety of gas blending calculations.

blendercalc_capture1 blendercalc_capture3

  • You can calculate needed gas additions for partial pressure blending
  • You can calculate vairous paramiters for continuous flow gas blending including
    • Gas flow rates based on rated output of the compressor
    • Oxygen fractions on two stage mixing stick like our blenderX
    • Select which gas is added first (this counts especially for continuous flow blending)
  • Blender Calc can also calculate MOD and END for the given gas or calculate

And it does not cost anything so type in “Blender Calc” in the App Store of your mobile device or click here:

Get it on Google Play



! Disclaimer !blendercalc_capture2

It should be noted that while Blender Calc is very handy tool to any Gas Blender, you should take the calculations with some healthy suspicion. If the given calculations seem wrong there is a chance that they are. Therefore if any suspicion arises, you should check and double check the calculations. Needles to say you need to be certified Gas Blender before even thinking about blending gas mixes with elevated oxygen levels. Abyss Core or any of its affiliates do not take any responsibility of potentially dangerous, fatal even, results of miscalculated or otherwise unsuccessful gas blending. Use at your own risk only.


Oh and yeah, no Imperial measurement “system” supported. Imperial measurement system has no place in 21st century and it should be let be the historical curiosity that it is. So bars, liters and meters it is, if you don’t know them, go to Wikipedia and you will notice it is infinitely better and more logical.

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