We offer a selection of state-of-the-art diving lights for very demanding dives. We have a selection of canister diving lights for technical divers and other alike. With very neat 7° beam angle these are powerful tools for very demanding diving conditions. We have also versatile backup light and forthcoming very powerful video light.

Light Heads

Battery Canisters

SL-3 a very powerful diving light with several power settings. NiMH Battery cannisters with 14.4V voltage
SL-1_valopaa SL-1 Mini extremely compact light head with respectable power for its size LiFePO4 battery cannisters
 SL-BL1 SL-BL1 rugged and compact backup light with flexible battery options Backup light batteries
 logo.png images SL-Video powerful video light for professionals and serious consumers.

Dive lights (with exceptiof of backup light) compose of two major part, light head and battery canister which are sold separatelly. This enables you to select the type of light and capacity to your own needs. You can mix and match canisters and light heads freely.