Blending Trimix or Nitrox on the go doesn’t have to require huge and heavy load of hardware. When you are out of the beaten path exploring new depth, fill station with Trimix capability is not likely to be anywhere near you. Therefore having one with you on the road is the most important thing. We have a range of products that are well suited for small to medium scale Nitrox and Trimix blending either on site or off site

blenderCalc blenderX
Our tools for this tasks are smartphone (Android now , iOS later) blending application which makes it easy for you to calculate and mix the blend of Trimix or Nitrox you are after. Hauling up cascade filling system for partial pressure filling or Nitrox membrane is not often feasible and never convenient. Our solution to this is Continuous Flow Blending Panel, one which is easily transported and safe to use. Our CF blending panel can handle trimix blending and gets you accurate and repeatable results.
Thinking of building your own custom continuous flow blending system? Here is electronics for it. All the necessary logic and electronics for blending Trimix + more such as wiFi!