Blender Monitor is electronics package for custom continuous flow mixing panel. Monitor can be used for either Nitrox or Trimix panel. Blender Monitor makes it possible to add same safety features to the custom mixing stick as we have for the BlenderX. Blender Monitor can use two oxygen sensors to calculate Trimix gas mixture which is injected into compressor. It can also control two solenoid valves and 12V relay in order to cut supply gasses or shutdown compressor.


Please note that you need gas blender certification in order to safely use Blender Monitor.
This equipment is meant for professionals with experience on scuba diving, gas blending and mixing. Misuse or improper use of Blender Monitor or any gas blending equipment may lead to personal injuries including death and property losses or damages. Abyss Core Inc. is not responsible or liable for any damages or injuries under any circumstances. By purchasing this equipment, you agree to these terms
In layman’s terms: YOU need to know what YOU are doing!
Please contact us via email for any questions regarding training for personnel and proper use of BlenderX at sales(a)

Blender Monitor comes in two versions: Basic version and Pro version. The main difference of the two is that Pro version has a possibility of control and monitor the blending process via WiFi.This means that you do not need to stare the monitor for the whole duration of the filling but you can see what is happening remotely.

Key features of the Blender Monitor are:

  • Two stage operation for Trimix mixing
  • Digitally controlled solenoid valves for automatic gas cut-off
  • 12V DC powered
  • Two oxygen sensors for safety and automatic gas mixture calculation
  • Possibility of controlling 12V relay for shutting down compressor
  • Calibration feature for oxygen sensors
  • Ideal blending solution for field use
  • Oxygen and Helium bottles can be fully useds

Blender Monitor has several advanced safety features. Ensuring that not too much oxygen is let into the compressor is the first and foremost concern. Blender Monitor automatically cuts the oxygen supply in case of:

  • Predicted oxygen fraction rising to 40%
  • Sensor failure
  • Calibration in progress
  • Power loss

Pro version of the Blender Monitor has these added features:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Shows history of blending process
  • On-Line upgrading possible
  • USB interface for connecting gas analyser such as Divesoft
  • Logging of gas fills

Some of the Pro version features are in development and will be released over the course of year 2015 and will be possible to update automatically

Blender monitor comes with following specifications:

Electrical properties
Operating voltage 12 VDC
Current consumption x A
Oxygen sensor ouput max 18 mV @air
Solenoid valve voltage 12V
Solenoid valve power max 5W
Relay voltage 12V
Physical properties
Width 100 mm
Length 130 mm
Thickness 50 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
Min operating temperature 0°C /
Max operating temperature 40°C /
Min storage temperature -40°C /

Blender Monitors are build in patches every three months. If you place order before the beginning of the month when the patch is due, you get yours delivered in that patch.

We have following accessories available for Blender Monitor in order for building a complete gas blending panel




If you are interested of this product please send email to sales (at) or order on-line.