Mini Stencil PrinterMaking professional quality PCB’s nowadays is easier than ever. From many places you can get laser cut stencil along with nice and shiny PCB’s. holding stencil with exact 0.1mm alignment with PCB requires some form of holder. Stencil printer is the tool for that job. Industrial quality printers are a serious overkill for this simple job.

So here is an solution. 3D printed printer with which you can easily change PCB’s (if doing multiple pieces). With similar ease you can also get exact alignment with six bolts, X and Y plane as well as tilt of the PCB.

STL files are available for you free of charge if you have your own printer to print this. If not, we offer to print you this simple, yet indispensable stencil printer. You need to specify the size of the stencil (max. 100 mm x 150 mm)  as well as size and thickness of the PCB (max 70 mm x 80mm). If you need larger sizes, please contact us first to sales (at)

Mini Stencil printer is printed with follwing specification:

Material PLA or ABS
Width mm
Height mm
Thickness mm
Weight g