Current stage: Prototype in testing

Scooter is an essential tool for cave exploration. Current scooters have several limitations that hinder their or at least make it less than optimal. This our scooter has been in development for two and half years with various stages of activity. While the easy way would have been to do things the way everybody does it, it would not have made much sense. There fore the design is radically different from the existing scooters in many respect.  Goal is to make make the scooter much less prone to leaking, if not altogether leak proof, and reliable as possible. The aim was also to eliminate rotational torque which becomes a problem in long rides. To achieve this we have used similar approach that torpedoes do: two counter rotating propellers on same axis. And all this we have accomplished without having a single seal or axel. The scooter also has as much redundancy as possible, meaning two motors with separate controllers and batteries.

Specifications of the prototype are currently as follows:

  • Weight 25kg
  • Length 997cm (dual battery version)
  • Battery capacity 2 x 800Wh
  • Battery chemistry LiFePO4
  • Battery voltage 36V (12S)
  • Engine power 2 x 500W
  • Running time max power 96min
  • Data interface is Bluetooth
  • Depth rating 250 meters
  • Advanced and 3rd party programmable electronics
  • Optional 5000 lumen LED driving light at the nose of the scooter

Scooter is controlled by advanced electronics which also will make it possible to implement 3rd party applications with interfaces to onboard sensors and control systems. Sensors included in the scooter are:

  • Pressure up to 30bar
  • Temperature
  • Accelerometer in three axis
  • Inertia in three axis
  • Magnetic field in three axis
  • Battery cell voltages (individual and packs) as well as drain current
  • Motor parameters:
    • RPM
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • ESC temperature

Scooter will also incorporate 3-6″ OLED display (specification still open) that has the user interface for the control system. Programming language that can be used for 3rd party applications is Python.

Scooter body is modular so that all parts are self contained. This minimises the possible leaks since all modules are individually depth rated to at least 250 meters. It makes also the configuration of the scooter possible according to the specific need. For shorter dives one battery module is enough and they can be stacked as many as needed.

Current projection of the end price is as follows:

  • Engine module 3700 EUR
  • Battery module 800Wh 1300 EUR
  • Nose cone 250 EUR

Nose cone incorporates most of the sensors so that they are as far as possible from interference of motors and electronics.