Current stage: Detailed specification ready

The target is to automate mixed gas filling station to the degree that it can be operated by any one with a press of a button(s). This is an evolvement of the current gas blending panel BlenderX as well as BlenderCalc mobile software.

Specifications have been defined to preliminary stage and system is build around 250 liters/minute producing breathing air compressor and proprietary systems. Brakedown of the major components are as follows:

  • Automated BlenderX
  • Smart filling whip
  • Compressor monitoring system including filter monitoring
  • Micro high pressure air dryer / cooler
  • Automated booster pump
  • Control panel

Some parts have been specified to higher degree than others. Road map to the development is as follows:

  • Automated BlenderX. This will make BlenderX completely autonomous and maintenance free. This is accomplished by implementing solid state oxygen sensor instead of the current galvanic fuel cell type as well as helium sensor based on gas density analysis. BlenderX will then double as Trimix gas analyser.
  • Smart Filling Whip. This is filling manifold that is controller by automatic valves and sensors. It integrates and communicates with automated BlenderX. Smart Filling whip is able to take gas analysis of the cylinder and top up the gas automatically based on desired mix.

With these components we already have  systems capable of delivering basic functionality. Which is to fill any cylinder to selected mix completely automatically.

Estimated price of the total system will be around 15 000 to 20 000 euros. Smart Filling Whip and automated BlenderX will be likely to be around 5000 euros.