Current stage: Preliminary specification ready

Motivation of developing this device is to enable rebreather diving from a sailboat in remote locations with limited or no access to gas supplies. Rebreather requires pure oxygen and it is not desirable to carry big storage tanks. The device is measured to produce 600 litres of 100% oxygen in 24 hours by using an average 80-90W of energy. Design is emphasising low power consumption so that the device can be used continuously for long periods of time without being connected to shore power or running generator.

Price of pure oxygen in developed countries is so cheap that economically this is not sensible in other than applications where availability of pure oxygen is limited. The device is based on very advanced technology and the end price is likely to be 14 000 to 15 000 euros based on the price of currently available components.

Here are some preliminary specifications in a nut shell:

  • Operating principle is electrolysis
  • Required consumables are purified water, electricity and pressurised air for booster pump
  • Oxygen production rate is 25 litres per hour
  • Average power consumption 85W
  • Weight of the system is around 20 kg

Production rate of the system can be increased but with elevated cost of course and power requirements. Device is designed so that it can be easily driven by solar of wind power. Also pressurised air is needed for incorporated booster pump operation.