New Product Released: Blender Monitor

Check out out new product for people who are building their own mixing stick or making a custom continuous flow blending system. Blender Monitor is a stand alone electronics package for Trimix blending, it can read two oxygen sensors, control two solenoids and one relay. More over, you can use it with your tablet or PC remotely via WiFi! So go to: and place an order.

We also have special launch discount or -20% for orders received before 17th May 2015. First patch of units are shipping in 29th of May!

Thailand Distributor

We are happy to announce that blenderX can been now seen and purchased from First Buddy divers in Phuket, Thailand. When you go and have Trimix or Gas Blender course  with them, make sure to purchase one for your self!

blenderX launched

AbyssCore has launched its first product, the blenderX.

BlenderX is a continuous flow Trimix blending panel that makes Trimix mixing simple, safe and easy.

Panel also comes in Nitrox version if Trimix is not required, making it very affordable way of starting Nitrox production.

There are even leasing options available for one and two year long contracts, if purchasing your own panel seems like an overkill.


Read more in blenderX

New development

AbyssCore has born from aspiration of providing better solutions for especially diving related activities. The foremost lack of good enough solutions is that of underwater photography. For some reason camera housings that evolved in the days of film cameras have failed to evolve with the age of digital cameras. There is a much better way of handling the camera underwater than any current housings and one that doesn’t cost any more, but offer much better quality and handling. This is work in progress and during the spring 2014 you should expect to hear some exiting news about AbyssCore and this product we are currently building.

Stay tuned…