“State-of-the-art of underwater camera housings is from 60’s, we are going to finally bring it to this millennium”

121126_housing3_blurThe advent of digital system cameras have changed the way we photograph since early 2000. We intent to change radically the way you use your camera underwater, and for much better.

Have you ever had the moment while diving that you see this rare fish almost like posing to you in a perfect setting? You can see the nice picture in your head. Only thing to do is to point your camera at the fish and adjust settings and press a button. Then while trying to set flash mode with rotating push rod, you accidentally pop the internal flash. There is now no way to fix this situation without surfacing and opening the housing. The fish still waiting for you to take the photo, but gets frustrated and swims away. The moment has passed and you are unlikely to get second chance ever.

I know I have, and it is this sort of experiences that have sparked the attempt to produce better housing. Because we KNOW for a fact that there is much better way.