BlenderX V2.1

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Trimix version of V2 BlenderX

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BlenderX 2.0 is Trimix and Nitrox capable solution for getting exact mixtures easily. blenderX is portable and low maintenance and does not require heavy infrastructure to setup. Continuous flow blending is the most exact way of blending Nitrox and especially Trimix. blenderX makes it easy and safe by incorporating several advanced features. Mixing is analysed in real time by microprocessor controlled system and controlled with precise needle valves.

This is our second generation manual gas blending panel. Our first version was 3D printed and more compact unit, but due to the heavy use in demanding conditions it was felt that more robust construction is necessary. The tradeoff is that the new version is over twice as heavy as the original version and somewhat bulkier. At the same time it is much easier to transport as it requires less protection.

Not only is the blendeX the best way of blending, it is also economical choice for blending Trimix and Nitrox. The panel with two oxygen sensors only costs 1600 EUR (+VAT if applicable). The big advantage of continuous flow blending is that you only need one storage bottle of each gas, oxygen and helium, to get Trimix. There is no need for expensive cascade arrangements and huge helium storage or Nitrox membrane.

We also offer a Nitrox version of the blenderX. Difference is obviously the lack of Helium capability. Nitrox version also have only one oxygen analyser. Nitrox version can be upgraded to Trimix version but it requires sending the unit to the factory for upgrade. Price of the Nitrox version is only 1300 EUR (+VAT if applicable).

Leasing options are also available. Please enquire at sales(a)


Please note that you need gas blender certification in order to use BlenderX.
This equipment is meant for professionals with experience on scuba diving, gas blending and mixing. Misuse or improper use of BlenderX or any gas blending equipment may lead to personal injuries including death and property losses or damages. Abyss Core Inc. is not responsible or liable for any damages or injuries under any circumstances. By purchasing this equipment, you agree to these terms
In layman’s terms: YOU need to know what YOU are doing!
Please contact us via email for any questions regarding training for personnel and proper use of BlenderX at sales(a)


Additional information

Weight 8.0 kg
Dimensions 50 x 35 x 30 cm
Compressor relay

yes, no

Gas version

Nitrox, Trimix


Key features of the blending panel are:

  • Two stage operation for Trimix mixing
  • Rated for maximum of 280 l/min flow rate compressor with minimal pressure drop across blending panel (<10 mBar)
  • Two needle valves for controlling O2 and Helium flow rate
  • Air and compressor hoses with quick disconnect fittings similar to P-port
  • 2-6 bar input pressure for gases
  • Digitally controlled solenoid valves for automatic gas cut-off
  • Compressor RPM sensing
  • 12V DC powered
  • Quick disconnect connectors or 1/4″ NPT female ports for added gasses
  • Two oxygen R-22D sensors for safety and automatic gas mixture calculation
  • Calibration feature for oxygen sensors
  • Ideal blending solution for field use
  • Oxygen and Helium bottles can be fully used
  • Software can be updated over internet

blenderX has several advanced safety features. Ensuring that not too much oxygen is let into the compressor is the first and foremost concern. blenderX automatically cuts the oxygen supply in case of:

  • Predicted oxygen fraction rising to user defined limit (normally 40%)
  • Compressor failure
  • Compressor RPM drop under defined limit (default 1000rpm)
  • Calibration in progress
  • Power loss


BlenderX comes with following specifications:

Operating voltage 12 VDC
Max gas pressure 6 bar / 87 psi
Hose connectors 38 mm / 1.5 inch
Weight 8.0 kg / 17.6 lb
Min operating temperature 0°C /
Max operating temperature 40°C /
Min storage temperature -40°C /

Purchase options

There are several ways you can purchase blenderX. If you have a local retailer, we encourage you to you their services. If you do not, we can also directly supply blenderX to countries which do not have retailer yet. We also offer option of either directly purchase blenderX or lease it fixed period.

Leasing contracts are fixed period for either 12 months of 24 moths. There is a non refundable administrative fee before leasing contract is setup and a monthly fixed fee. Leasing period starts when blenderX is received by the customer. As in all leasing contracts blenderX remains as property of AbyssCore. At the end of leasing contract customer has an opportunity to either extend the contract (in which case panel will be replaced to latest model of same type) or purchase panel for full owner ship by repaying the same administrative fee.

In case you are interested of leasing BlenderX, please put respective Administrative fee to your shopping cart and checkout it and also select appropriate lease period subscription via PayPal subscription service bellow. Leasing period start from the date you receive your panel.

Trimix version administrative fee

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