Products we make are made for divers by divers. Whether it is underwater camera housing, continuous flow blending panel for trimix or underwater scooter we take the full advantage out of digital technology and make it available to all those who want nothing but best. Our products fall into following categories.


Diving Lights


Gas Blending


Underwater Photography


Underwater Propulsion (coming in fall 2015)

Our philosophy of using hi-tech computer systems is that it is only a means to a better end and nothing more. By this we mean that we do not sacrifice any robustness or quality for the sake of having hi tech electronic system submerged into salt water. The really cool thing is that by using this approach we have managed to reduce failure points of various products significantly compared to traditional way of doing it. We do not use any thru hull buttons or axles that have to be elaborately sealed. This is a smarter way of doing these products.